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We provide various educational workshops on latest trends & technologies for Engineering Students. Our Training & Workshops are job oriented and on demand in Industry. It is a great way for someone to learn about a particular subject, learn new projects, and methods in order to better you. Attending workshops can help students achieve success in their academic environment by putting these skills into practice.For the exchange of information and transferring, working together is the best option. On the basis of individual capacity and capability, expertise can gain in different areas especially the focused industry. In any student’s life, tackling such kind of situations is considered as a benefit in disguise. Seminars, workshops, and conferences are held at regular intervals at Colleges . So that a student can make the performance with the same motive. By having exposure to these practices, students can get prone towards the learning by improving performance rich session. Students can get a variety of information with proper guidance of segmenting and prioritizing schemes according to the situations. The support of understudies in different workshops enables them to chip away at their initiative characteristics by giving appropriate lift and development. Engineering students need practical exposure to improve their skills and employability.


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Imporatance of Seminars

Seminars works up a bridge between books and action, and they contribute to fruitful changes, development of new skills and effective planning. Seminars are the educational events, In which everyone have a permission to clear his/her doubt and Query; they require you to think, to practice the skills of analysis and synthesis. Seminars usually updates us with the latest trends and issues in the particular field. They also enable us to invent new products and services for good gains. Many of you must have attend a seminars. For seeking a job, your resume’s “training/ seminars/ conference attended” section becomes a cynosure of great concern for HRD and managers/ officers. Nowadays everything is in a state of flux. Everyday sprout a new change. Lots of researches and studies carried out on various subjects around the world. These novelties in various field cannot be included in the student curriculum. The students have to always keep their eyes on what new things are arriving day by day. This is where the seminars are of great importance. Seminars makes the students aware of the updated technologies. seminars provide latest information about the things which are happening in science and technology. Students cannot improve their knowledge from textbooks alone. they must take part in various seminars on latest topics. Seminars open up a new vitas of technical innovations.

How do seminars help students?

Attending a seminar has numerous benefits, including improving communication skills, gaining expert knowledge, networking with others and renewing motivation and confidence. Seminars also help them to convey their own ideas to their friends and teachers. … Through conducting seminars they can make others understand what is their idea is all about. Another way of properly utilizing the advantages of seminar is to give the students a chance to take seminar on their subject topics.

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